culver city teens & sleep:

The Science Behind Why C.C.H.S. Should Start School Later

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What can parents do? 

  • Get your teens "primed" to be in bed, or almost ready for bed, by 10 pm, so they can get at least 9 hours of sleep.  

  • No television or "screen time" after 10 pm.

  • Try to keep to a regular bedtime schedule on the weekends, so your teens do not get totally off track, keeping in mind that their brains are wired for sleep after 10:30 pm.

  • If you feel strongly about this, or have thoughts about how to meet some of the logistical challenges listed below, communicate with the Culver City School Board at, CCHS Principal Lisa Cooper at, Assistant Superintendent Robert Quinn at, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Tracy Pumilia at Or use the buttons below to link to their emails.

Challenges for Implementing the change in CCUSD:
  • Transportation issues relative to parents' work schedules

  • Traffic on Elenda 

  • Coordinating after-school sports schedules with other schools & districts

  • Time for AVPA and other after-school programs

Links to additional articles and reports on teen sleep: 
Books on sleep: 

See  Chapter 10 - "Teenage Walking Zombies"

Video links related to sleep:

August 11, 2018:  Just a reminder that school starts in about two weeks, and Culver City’s high school kids will have to wake up early for 8 am. classes!  Now is a good time to start encouraging your teenagers to try going to bed earlier and getting up earlier than they normally might during the summer, so they’re ready to wake up for school.  


On a related point, CCUSD superintendent Leslie Lockhart recently said the following via email:  “If you think your high school student is severely impacted [by sleep issues] and you are interested in alternatives for the coming school year, you should make an appointment or email your child's counselor. The high school counselors would be able to discuss any possible alternatives with you. When possible, and in very few cases, a blended schedule with iAcademy may be possible.”


Separately, CCUSD is exploring a later start of the high school day to accommodate the unique biological sleep needs of teenagers.  Stay tuned for a discussion of the issue – and whether Culver City should start its regular school day at 8:30 a.m. or 9 a.m. instead of 8 a.m. -- at one of the two September 2018 meetings of the school board.  Culver City School board member Steve Levin supports joining other school districts throughout the United States in a later start of the school day;  and Steve has agreed to try to ensure that this issue is heard at or near the start of the September school board meeting so that as many parents as possible can attend (and speak on this important issue) without losing most of an evening that otherwise would be spent at home with their kids.